Twin Rivers USD
Administrative Regulation
Civility Policy 
AR 1313
Community Relations
In order to keep schools and administrative offices free from disruptions and to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering school or district grounds, procedures will be established to support a safe work place for students and staff (click here for the incident report in pdf format). The intent of these procedures will be to promote mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among district employees, parents, and the public.


    1. Members of the public who use obscenities or speak in a loud, insulting, and/or demeaning manner will be calmly and politely reminded by district employees to communicate in a civil manner.
    2. Members of the public who continue to speak in a demeaning manner will be politely notified that the meeting, conference, or telephone conversation is terminated. If the meeting or conference is on district property, the offending person will be directed to leave the premises.
    3. The employee(s) involved in this situation will notify the site administrator of the situation.
    4. Any individual will be directed to leave district property by the school or district office administration who
      a. Disrupts or threatens to disrupt school/office operations
      b. Threatens school/office operations
      c. Threatens the health and safety of students or staff
      d. Willfully causes property damage
      e. Uses loud and/or offensive language, which would provide a violent reaction
      f. Has established a continued pattern of unauthorized entry on district property
    5. If an individual refuses to leave upon request, the site or district office administrator may contact law enforcement officials. The superintendent or designee will be immediately notified if this occurs.
    6. The superintendent or designee will inform the individual removed from district property that he/she will be guilty of a misdemeanor in accordance with California Education Code 44811 and Penal Code 415.5 and 626.7 if he/she reenters any district facility within 30 days after being directed to leave or within 7 days if the person is a parent/guardian of a student attending that school.
    7. If an individual wishes to contest an action taken by the district under this section, he/she must submit a written Notice of Complaint to the Superintendent or designee within five (5) days of the district’s action. Upon receipt of the Notice of Complaint, the district will initiate the Uniform Complaint Procedures under the California Code of Regulations.
      (cf. 1312.3 – Uniform Complaint Procedures)
    8. Employees will immediately report to site or district office administration any violence directed against the employee or an incident of property theft.
    9. Additionally, a written report will be filed by completing the Civility Policy Incident Report Form E 1313. This report will be given to the Director, Student Services within 24 hours of the incident.
    10. Law enforcement will be contacted by site or district office administration to report any attack, assault or threat made against an employee while on district premises or at district-sponsored activities.
    11. An effort will be made to provide the individual offender with a copy of the Civility Policy if a violation of this policy occurs. (CCR, Title 5, Sections 4600-4687)

Regulation Twin Rivers Unified School District
approved: McClellan, California

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