Dear TRUE Members:
Your TRUE Negotiations Team has reached a new Tentative Agreement with TRUSD.
As you are aware, we have a compensation formula in place for two years for an increase to the salary schedules this year based on Base Grant funding received by the district.  Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances, the formula did not work out for this year.  A couple of different issues were in play that affected the formula.  The first main impact was the COLA (Cost of Living  Adjustment) given by the state was only 1.02% and the second main impact was that TRUSD’s contribution to our STRS (State Teachers Retirement System) increased by 1.85%.  Once it was determined that the formula was not going to work, we mutually agreed to get back to the negotiating table quickly to ensure that our members would receive a timely increase to salary.  Since the formula was only agreed to for two years, we will attempt it again next year and if it doesn’t work out it will be dropped.
Compensation :
2% increase to ALL salary schedules retroactive to July 1, 2015
            New salary schedules are attached
1% Professional Development Payment (not on salary schedule) for twelve (12) hours of professional development to be completed by the following schedule:
·         6 hours completed Semester 1 (Aug-Dec) with .5% paid in January
·         6 hours completed Semester 2 (Jan-June) with .5% paid in June
The details on exact PD opportunities will be forthcoming, but there will be both online and in person opportunities.  The focus of this Professional Development will be Technology.  Members will only be paid for this if they complete all of the hours.
Other Compensation Increases:
– ALL summer PD is now paid at the $250 per day/$125 per half day rate
– Elementary teachers who have students placed in their classrooms due to a lack of a sub will receive $40 per day.  (up to 4 teachers per each split class)
– Teachers who teach a 6th period will receive $60 per period instead of $50
– High School Head Counselor stipend increase:
            3 or more counselors increased from $2000 to $3000
         2 or more counselors increased from $1000 to $2000
– Additional Agriculture stipend for summer work ($5000)
– Increase Athletic Director stipend by $500 for summer work
Other Changes:
Article 7 Class Size:
            Added Special Education Class size limits- See attached article language
Article 8 Transfers:
8.5.8 Language changed:
·         When a vacancy occurs after July 15, the district may fill the vacancy without going through posting procedures.
o   Current language is July 30
Article 14 Employee Benefits:
·         Language changes to reflect requirements of new insurance provider since we switched from CalPERS to SISC (more specific details to come from TRUSD SOON).
·         New plan with SISC requires all employees to sign up for a medical plan.   Current employees are grandfathered in to current practice.
·         Increase to Employee Only district contribution of $3.88 per month.  This allows for a very basic employee only insurance option that is completely paid for by the district contribution.
·         Increase Employee’s out-of-pocket Emergency Room visit to $100 per visit (none of the SISC plans offer the $75 option that was part of the MOU from Spring)
A joint communication with TRUSD is also being sent out with more details.
Information about a General Membership Meeting and the voting timeline will come out early next week.
Remember we have transitioned to online voting, so please make sure the TRUE office has your current personal/home e-mail.
Chris Moran
 TRUE Lead Negotiator
2015-08-25 Special Rep Council and SpecGen Mbrshp Agenda

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