The Twin Rivers United Educators (TRUE) will be holding a special election to fill three vacancies on the Executive Board: two Director-at-Large representing Pre-K to Grade 6 regular education teachers, and one Director-at-Large representing K-12 Special Education teachers. All positions are for unexpired terms ending May 31, 2016. Candidates must be TRUE members primarily teaching, at the time of their election, in any of the levels of Pre-K (includes ECE) to Grade 6, or K-12 Special Education. Directors will be elected by and from TRUE membership by majority vote.

Voting is now done Electronically. Please make sure TRUE has your personal/home e-mail address.  For those not wishing or not able to vote by electronic means, during the voting period paper ballots will be available only at the TRUE office, which is open Monday-Friday, 9 am – 7 pm


Click here for the Declaration of Candidacy and Campaigning Rules, both documents are due to TRUE no later than September 15, 2015 by 4:30pm.Announc SpecElect-PreK-6 and Spec Ed-2015


Official Results Election of TRUE Directors-at-Large 10/01/2015:

Dear TRUE members:
On behalf of the TRUE Elections Committee, please see below the official results of the election for 3 Directors-at-Large on the TRUE Executive Board. Only one out of two Directors was elected for Pre K to Grade 6; none of the write-in candidates for that position received majority vote.
If you have any questions or comments about this election, please address them to the TRUE Elections Chair: KRISTINA JORDAN <true.office@yahoo.com>
Evelyn Alvarado
TRUE Office
Office: (916) 648-9791
Twin Rivers United Educators – Teller’s Report
Special Election of Three Directors-at-Large
For Unexpired Terms Ending 05-31-2016
Date Ballot Count: 10-01-2015
Director-at-Large For Pre K – Grade 6 Director-at-Large For K-12 Special Ed.
Electronic Ballots: 388 388
Paper Ballots: 2 2
Blank/Abstain Ballots: 44 21
Illegal Ballots: 0 0
Reasons for Illegals: 0 0
Legal Votes Cast: 346 390
Number of votes required to be elected: By Majority; at least 174 votes By Majority; at least 186 votes
Director-at-Large For Pre K – Grade 6 Votes Received: Director-at-Large For K-12 Special Ed. Votes Received:
Candidates: Olivia Wilkins 336 Melissa McManus 197
Write-in Names: Catherine Roller 171
Louise Holder 5 Write-in Names:
Ada Michel 1 Jack Garceau 1
Brenda Thiesen 1
Cecilia Farias 1
Deborah Williams 1
Jennifer Neuenfeld 1
Karen Rogone 1
Priscilla Contreras 1
Rebecca Ledoux 1
Don’t Know Any K-6 Teachers 1

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