This committee does not meet monthly.  We met the last 2 years for 2 meetings to discuss changes to the contact language.  The committee meets by phone or email each time a member asks for a withdrawal from the bank.  The committee makes the decision on a case by case need.

Collect contribution forms in August – October and add new members to existing list as well as write letters to each new member by Dec. 1st letting them know they are a member. Place new member applications into existing binder. Answer e-mails regarding members who wish to make withdrawals from the bank.  Gathering the committee together to approve or disapprove withdrawals.  Notifying members of the decision.  Helping office record keep the bank.  Meeting with committee to make revisions or go over contract language for the bank.


For more information and forms, please click here or if you’re interested in joining this committee, please email Sharon Reichelt, Committee Chair

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