Elections Committee

October 28, 2015

The Elections Committee meets when we have elections.  So far this year we have had two (Contract Settlement and Director at Large).  We are going to conduct another election for K-6 Director-At-Large ASAP.  So we communicate through email about the times we come together to count ballots.  I have 3 committee members who regularly attend out ballot counting.  Specific dates that we meet cannot be determined until the specific election timeline has been developed.

Expected upcoming 2015-16 Elections are:

  • Director-at-Large for K-6 gr. — ASAP
  • NEA/RA (CTA Election) for State – Jan/Feb
  • NEA/RA for local — Jan/Feb
  • CTA State Council Reps – Mar/Apr
  • Director-at-Large for all seats Mar/Apr

For more information or if you’re interested in joining this committee, please email the TRUE Office, Committee Chair

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