Are you interested in attending the NEA-RA (National Education Association – Representative Assembly)? This year’s NEA-RA will take place in Washington DC from to July 1st to July 7th.



The Twin Rivers United Educators (TRUE) will be holding an election of Local (TRUE) Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly to fill nine seats with a one-year term each. Two of those positions will be funded (TRUE will cover their expenses up to $2,200 each) and seven positions will be unfunded (each person will cover their own expenses). The NEA-RA Local Delegates will be elected by plurality vote. The two candidates that get the most votes will be funded by TRUE. In case of a tie, a coin-toss following NEA procedures will decide. All candidates must be active TRUE/CTA/NEA members. The election may be waived, and the candidates declared elected, if following the period of open nominations the number of candidates is equal to or less than the number of delegate positions to be filled. The 2016 NEA-RA will take place in Washington, DC July 1 – 7. Declarations are due to TRUE by 4:30pm on February 26th, 2016.NEA-Local-Elect Announcem-2016

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