AnnouncElec-All Directors-2016

Official Election Results:

Date: Tue, May 17, 2016 at 8:31 PM
Subject: Official Results- Election of TRUE Directors-at-Large

Dear TRUE members:
The TRUE Elections Committee has finished tallying the paper and electronic ballots in the election for 8 Directors-at-Large on the TRUE Executive Board. Here are the results, with the yellow highlight indicating the candidates that were elected.
None of the write-in candidates for Director-at-Large for Specialty Groups obtained the majority vote required to be elected. A run-off election may be forthcoming if at least two of the write-in candidates accept to be included in the run-off election ballot. If not, next school year a full election for that seat will be held. More information to come soon.
Tara Jacobs
TRUE Elections Chair
Office: (916) 648-9791


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