May 31, 2016
Negotiations Update #1

We had our first meeting with the district on May 20. We exchanged proposals, asked some
clarifying questions, explained we are not interested in a packaged deal- we want to discuss each
article independent of the others. We then left to study their proposals and write up our counter.

Our next meeting was May 26 where we expected TRUSD to counter our proposals and for the
negotiations to begin. They came back with the same language they had before (as a package deal),
discounted our proposals, and didn’t take our salary request seriously.

Some items we had asked for:
• District increase on medical contributions, and an increase for members receiving cash-in- lieu
• Salary increase
• Lowering class size
• Moving some activity categories and raising stipends for extra duty assignments
• Safety language that had some real guidelines and protection for employees

They said:
• NO to increase in medical
• NO to lowering class size
• NO to movement on stipends
• NO to our safety language – “the district has procedures in place”


Respectfully submitted,

Janet Edwards

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