June 6, 2016
Negotiations Update #2
Thank you to all of the sites and members who sent us pictures and posted good will messages – the team really appreciated it!!

We met today for our third meeting, and I’m sorry to report there was no significant movement.

We discussed all of the articles on the table: Articles 4,7,8,9,12,13,14. Little or no changes were proposed by TRUSD, which would benefit our members.

Regarding salary – one of the district representatives said, “An offer of 0% was a raise” because according to the formula we should be taking a 2.2% cut.

After listening to TRUSD’s proposals/counter proposals, presenting our proposals/counter proposals, and asking clarifying questions – we determined that there would be no further movement by the district which would meet the needs of our members at this time.

I explained that our salaries were not keeping up with the rising cost of raising our families and paying for our daily expenses, and that a salary increase was our members #1 area of concern. Their unwillingness to even make an offer was a signal that they were not going to move forward and there was no reason for us to continue to negotiate at this time.

The team returned to TRUE to debrief and start planning our next steps.

I realize that this is a great disappointment, we too are disappointed; but the members of TRUE work in some of the most difficult situations in the surrounding counties and we feel that we need to be compensated for the tremendous job that we do!

Respectfully submitted,
Janet Edwards

2016 0615 we support our negotiations team

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