Dear TRUE Members,
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  Here are a few updates:
  • Resigning from TR:  Attached is a Cease and Desist Letter that TRUE sent to the Human Resource Department and the Superintendent.  If you are resigning from the district after July 1st and are being told by Human Resources that you will not be released from your position until a replacement is found, please contact the TRUE Office immediately (
  • Summer PD:  We have heard about missed payments for PD completed before the payroll cutoff date in June.  I am working on finding out where the lapse was made and to make sure this does not happen for the August 10th check.  If you did PD before June 15th and did not get paid, please let us know via email as the PD Department is currently working on where the mistake was made and is asking for names of people who did not receive payment.
  • When is your first day of school for 2016-2017?  Guess I’m surprised people are still asking.  Our first day is August 5th.  If you are attending Summer PD at your site on August 3rd and 4th, that is on a voluntary basis and you will get paid $250 per day.
  • ILT Elementary Grade Level Chair Stipend is gone:  This MOU expired at the end of June.  TRUE’s Site Representative Council voted “No” to a revised MOU that would have expired at the end of June 2017, and voted to send it to negotiations to be incorporated into the Contract instead of doing another MOU.If you choose to continue to be on your ILT at your school site, and you are not a Secondary Department Chair, you will not be given a stipend for this work.  If you attend SAC Meetings as an Elementary Grade Level Chair, you will not be given a stipend for this time until this language is put into our Contract.
  • Negotiations:  As you have seen from the updates, we still have some work to be done.  Please keep August 2nd saved on your calendar to attend in force the TRUSD School Board Meeting, to show your support to the TRUE Negotiations Team.  They can’t do their work without you!
  • Postcards for TRUSD Board:  Send your postcards in with your message to our TR School Board to the TRUE Office (3318 Howard Street, Suite 10, McClellan, CA 95652).  We have received some, but the more the better!
  • Organizing for Negotiations:  We will soon have new TRUE t-shirts to pass out before the August 2nd School Board meeting. Please plan on stopping by the TRUE Office on August 2nd or earlier, to pick up your shirt before the Board meeting.  More information to come from the TRUE Organizing Committee on this and other organizing activities we will be doing.
Remember, you are TRUE.  We will see you August 2nd!
Kristin Finney
TRUE President

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