Dear TRUE Members,

There has been quite a bit of discussion through TRUE’s Facebook page and emails coming in to TRUE, regarding wearing your TRUE T-Shirt, or your school shirt, to the Back-to-School Rally.  These are uncomfortable times, and I do acknowledge that for some of our members this is not a comfortable thing to do.  Many teachers will be wearing their TRUE shirt or another black shirt with colored ribbons or beads to show their school spirit.

Our Negotiations Team is working hard for you right now, and if you are serious about supporting your right as a union member to fair contract negotiations, then you need to wear your new TRUE Shirt or black shirt to the rally, and attend tomorrow the Wednesday, AUGUST 3RD BOARD MEETING. Before the Board meeting we will meet at 6:00 pm in the district parking lot, under the water tower, so we can all walk in together to the Board meeting.

As stated in the last Negotiations Email sent on Friday:

TRUSD received:

        9.5 million dollars in Supplemental/Concentration Funds

        2.3 million dollars in Base Funds

        For a grand total of 11.8 million dollars

In California school districts, certificated employees receive 55% of the district’s budget – This means that TRUE members should be getting 6.49 million dollars added to increase our salaries, benefits, and working conditions.

In addition, to this “on-going” money, there are “one-time” monies that came into our district. TRUSD received:

           3.2 million dollars in Lottery Funds

            5.3 million dollars in Mandated Reimbursement Funds

            For a grand total of 8.5 million dollars

55% of this equals 4.68 million dollars of one time funds that could be used to pay for bonuses or professional development pay.

Please see the attached information regarding the increase to Certificated Administrative Salary Schedules that were approved by the Twin Rivers School Board on April 19, 2016 and June 21, 2016.  The information attached includes the original Board approved salary schedules (although it says “proposed” on them), and 2 comparison spreadsheet made by our Negotiations Team outlining the exact increases (first page is a summary for only step 2; rest of the spreadsheets include all steps).  Administrators may report they did not get a raise or increase, but they did.  See the facts for yourself.

Certif Admin Salary Comparison-Step 2 and All Steps (1)

2015-2018 Cert ADMIN SalarySchedules-Bd Approved (1)

I hope to see you all in black tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. to go to the Board meeting, and again wearing black at the Back-to-School Rally on Friday.

You are TRUE!

Kristin Finney
TRUE President


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