Dear TRUE Members,


TK-6 VAPA Prep Time: 

TRUE went to mediation regarding a grievance filed for TK to 6th grade teachers who missed their 30 minutes weekly VAPA time due to holidays or non-student days last year or no sub showed up for your absent VAPA teacher.  The resolution to this mediation was that there will be two Early Release Wednesdays where all TK-6th grade teachers will get 30 minutes of prep time taken from the 60 minute PLC/PD/Staff Meeting time.  This means that two of your PLC/PD/Staff Meeting times will be cut by 30 minutes. This was not the resolution we were hoping for but it is what we have.  Documentation is critical when we go to mediation. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO DOCUMENT YOUR MISSED VAPA PREP TIME THIS YEAR STARTING NOW! 


If your VAPA Prep time was on Monday, August 8th then this time needs to be made up.  Ask your Principal how it will be made up.  If your Principal tells you it does not need to be made up, then it is a grievance.  If we want guaranteed prep time as TK-6 grade teachers, then we need to file a grievance within 30 days of it happening.  Contact Sharon Reichelt, our Elementary Grievance Rep and Director-at-Large at:


The following dates are holidays or nonstudent days that will need to be made up if your VAPA Prep Time falls on it:

  • Holidays: 9/5  Fri. 11/11  Mon. 1/16  Fri. 2/17 Mon. 2/20 Mon. 5/29
  • PD Dates: Mon. 10/31    Fri. 1/27     Fri. 3/24
  • Parent Conferences: Th.11/17  Fri. 11/18

This is as systemic issue that needs to be worked on by filling a grievance.


MOU – August 3rd and 4th Professional Development Compensation:

You will be paid your daily rate of pay or $250, whichever is higher, for August 3rd and 4th PD.  Your daily rate of pay is your base salary (just your base salary) divided by the number of days you work.  This MOU was brought to TRUE on Wednesday, August 17th via email.  I was informed by district leadership that this MOU would need to be approved by Tuesday, August 23rd for the increased compensation to be able to work for the September payment.  After being vetted through our Negotiations Team, who recommended the Site Representatives have an opportunity to vote on this MOU, this only left a few days for this vote to happen via email.  It was recommend by our Negotiations Team to vote on this MOU because it benefited the majority of our members.  Our Site Representative Council voted on this and it passed.


Some in TRUE leadership were concerned with the tight timeline of this district presented MOU, and the intent by district leadership to offer this MOU at such a late date and asking for a quick decision.


To clarify the timeline and what was offered to TRUE, there was an MOU offered to TRUE right before the December break with a 1% off schedule payment for 2 August PD days in summer.  This was declined by TRUE’s Executive Board in January and TRUE leadership asked the district that this be addressed in negotiations as MOU’s should only be used for emergencies or short timeline items.  It was left at that, in January.  This offer was not discussed at the table or offered by the district in the negotiations’ meetings that happened in late spring last year and summer sessions.  The district had opportunities to do so and did not.


Salary Determination Letters:

These letters, which had been sent previously over the summer, are not being sent out by HR until October.  The reasoning they gave is because they want to wait until Sept 1st when units are due for certificated staff to cross over on the salary scale.  They do not want to send out two letters to those that end up crossing over.  Some people referred to these letters as “contracts”, but they are not.


TRUE Site Representative for Each School Site:

Please let the TRUE Office know who your Site Representative is this year, even if it is the same person.  Please do an election.  It can be as simple as using scratch paper with a place for a write in.  Someone who is not running should count the votes.  Our first Site Representative Meeting is tomorrow!


Voting for Executive Board Director-at-Large for Specialty Groups:

I’m so excited to see three people running for this seat!  Please take the time to vote.  You should have received an email with a voting link.  If you did not, check your spam folder, or email and we will send you another link.  Even though this election is for Director of Specialty Groups, every member should vote for this member of the TRUE Executive Board.


Catastrophic Leave Bank Open Enrollment:

Deadline to turn in your enrollment form is October 7th.  All information regarding this is on our website at Check it out!


Contract Negotiations Dates: 

September 21 and 28 are scheduled dates for the TRUE and TRUSD negotiations teams to meet at the table for Contract negotiations. Wear the TRUE black t-shirt on those days, and every Tuesday, to show support for your TRUE negotiations!


Tuesday, September 13th – TRUSD Board Meeting – We meet at 6:00 p.m. under the water tower to walk in together.  See you there with your TRUE T Shirt or black on!  We are stronger together!




Kristin Finney

TRUE President


Upcoming Events:


August 26 – Sept. 08…..Voting Period to elect TRUE Director-at-Large representing Specialty Groups


August 30………………..TRUE Site Rep Council Meeting, 4 pm, at CTA offices in Natomas (4100 Truxel Road, Sacramento)


September 13…………..TRUE Executive Board Meeting, 4 pm, at the TRUE office


September 13…………..TRUSD School Board Meeting, open session starts at 7 pm


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