Dear TRUE Members,

Negotiations Support:

Wear your TRUE T-Shirt tomorrow or black!

Last night was the beginning of a long haul we will have in supporting our Contract negotiations, and our Team can continue to work to get you a fair agreement for safety in our classrooms and schools, class size reduction, and a fair salary increase.

We had about 200 members attend the Twin Rivers Board Meeting last night.  I speak at almost every Board meeting and I have to tell you, having 200 people behind me last night was very inspiring.  I think an important message was sent last night to the Trustees of our district and to the Superintendent.  Click here to view a copy of my speech, as we have had a few teachers ask for it to be shared.

Last night was our beginning, tomorrow’s show of support at the Back to School Rally is the next step in our ongoing support for fair negotiations.  Please see the message below from TRUE’s Crisis Organizing Team for the Back to School Rally.

For the District Rally on August 5th, please wear the TRUE T-shirt and carry the TRUE fan we will pass out. At the rally, we encourage you to show support of TRUE, CSEA, and student performers, by clapping and standing.  We ask that you listen respectfully to administrators, Board members and Dr. Martinez, but respond with silence (no clapping or standing).

We ask that you wear your new TRUE T-shirt (or any other clothing in black color) on all negotiation days, Board meeting days and back-to-school events.

Above all else, please continue to watch for TRUE e-mails regarding further actions.

Remember, YOU are TRUE!

In Solidarity,

Kim Gunter
TRUE Crisis Organizing Team Lead


Unfortunately, the three union Presidents, Marty Heeb from CSEA (Classified), Kris McClintock from TR Police Department’s Union, and myself, were uninvited to speak this year.  We were invited only to do introduction of groups; the 3 of us declined that invitation.  Together we felt this showed a serious lack of value to the process of collaborating with the employees who serve Twin Rivers’ students, and we let district leadership know this.

This is also disappointing considering that TRUE donated money for TR T Shirts and water for the first TR Rally, and for last year and this year’s rally, we donated money for the water bottles that are on the buses in the morning, heading to the rally.

Administrators Increase in Salary Schedule:

District Leadership continues to say that TRUE is putting out misinformation regarding Administration salary increases on their Board approved salary schedules.  Feel free to get out your own calculator and do the math yourself.  Attached are the same documents as in the last President’s Message plus a new full Certificated Administrative Salary Schedule spreadsheet from our Negotiations Team, including all of the steps in the 2017-18 school year.  Please take note that part of the increases in salary for administration comes from their $2400 Masters Stipend now rolled into their salary; but as our chart shows, even with that taken out, there are increases to their salary.

2015-2018 Cert ADMIN SalarySchedules-Bd Approved

2015-2018 Management Salary Comparison

Certif Admin Salary Comparison-Step 2 and All Steps

Please feel free to pass this email onto your administrator with the charts attached.  It is being shared with TRUE that administrators are telling teachers that they did not get a raise.  They got an increase, call it a raise or not.


Catastrophic Leave Bank:

Enrollment is now open through the first week of October. You have to be a permanent employee to join, you cannot be probationary or temporary.  The form to enroll is on TRUE’s Website at  One day is taken out of your sick leave in November and you must have 5 leave days left by Oct. 31st in order to join.  You are eligible to withdraw from this bank the following school year.

Remember, you are TRUE and I look forward to seeing a “black out” at tomorrow’s rally!


Kristin Finney
TRUE President

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