Yesterday we met with the District and continued our discussions on salary, benefits and safety. Article 9 – Extra Duty Assignments was presented by TRUE.

We countered the District language on salary and benefits. We proposed accepting the salary schedule they presented at the table with the following contingencies: add an additional 1% across the board, increasing the Masters stipend to $2000, and decrease the work year by removing 4 mandatory PD days. In addition, we would accept 2% off schedule and an additional 1% for PD. While the District’s proposal has not changed much from their original 2% offer, as you can see TRUE has come down from our original proposal.

With regards to health benefits, the District offered to provide fully paid health coverage for Members selecting the lowest single health plan (currently 2016 Anthem PPO M), but they have continued to refuse to pay an increase of $50 per month for the remaining members.

The district countered the safety language and we found several places where the language had been typed with what we believed were errors, so we will be reviewing our notes from previous meetings to correct these mistakes and bring it back for a counter-proposal.

Extra Duty Assignments were discussed. As you may remember, the District in their proposal had many new positions for extra duty stipends. Our concern is that these positions were not requested by our members and many of the current extra duty positions are being filled by people who are not members of TRUE, but the cost for these stipends shows as being paid to our bargaining unit members.

We are scheduled to meet again on October 18th to continue with negotiations.

Janet Edwards
TRUE Lead Negotiator

TRUE Office: (916) 648-9791

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