Dear TRUE Members,

Here are some updates for you:

Personal Necessity Days (Contract Article 6.1.3):

You have 11 sick leave days for an entire year (not including those you have accrued from past years) and 7 of these can be used for personal necessity.  There are 6 reasons you can use Personal Necessity Days.  Your administrator does not have to give you prior approval for these days.  Principals were informed at a recent meeting to educate their staff of these 6 reasons, not to give approval of.  Be aware once you have used your 7 yearly personal necessity days, you will be docked for any day over, that you put into AESOP as “personal necessity”.

TRUE Back-to-School Rally Survey:

As of Monday morning, Sept. 27th, 434 TRUE Members have taken this survey.  Our goal is 1500 as TRUE membership is now at 1542.  TRUE has also put in a request for public records for the district’s back-to-school rally survey.  The district shared only 3 questions of the survey with TRUE and School Board members who requested to see the results, and will not share comments by employees who took the survey.

District’s Negotiations Update from Thursday:

To add some missing information that the district sent out regarding the comparison charts: none of the charts have info on what each of those districts pays for benefits contributions, or how long their instructional minutes are per day, nor do they reflect the length of the school year and its impact for salary comparison.  Instructional minutes per day and length of school year are longer in Twin Rivers than in those surrounding districts.  More information will be coming from TRUE’s Negotiations Team.  The team goes back to the table this Wednesday, Sept. 28th.

There is a School Board meeting tomorrow but for the time being the Crisis Organizing Team is not doing an all call out to attend.  If you can attend and speak, it is always important for the Board to hear your story and see your presence.  Open session begins at 7:00 p.m. and speaker cards need to be turned in by 7:00 p.m.

Mandatory After-School Training:

TRUE has been told by district leadership that HR has directed principals to hold all mandatory trainings during Wednesday meetings.  Sites should not be having mandatory trainings after school this year.

EL and Refugee Support for students and teachers:

TRUE asked district leadership how our students and teachers are being supported to best meet the needs of our English Learners and the refugees now being enrolled in our schools.  Attached you will see the district’s response via email.  Sharing this information was a request from one of our Site Representatives at our September Site Representative Meeting.  If you do not feel like you or your students are being supported appropriately in meeting the needs of your EL students, email the EL Department and CC TRUE, or email

Yes on 55!

See below why you need to vote YES on 55:


Don’t forget to wear your TRUE t-shirt tomorrow for our TRUE Tuesdays, and take a group picture in front of your school site!


Kristin Finney

TRUE President

Upcoming Events:

Sept. 27 ……………TRUSD School Board Meeting. Open session starts at 7 pm

Sept. 28 ……………Negotiations between TRUE and TRUSD

Sept. 30 ……………Due date to RSVP to attend the Site Rep Academy

Oct. 04……………..Site Rep Academy, 4 pm at CTA in Natomas

Oct. 04 …………….TRUSD School Board Meeting. Open session starts at 7 pm

Oct. 07 …………….Last day to enroll in the TRUE Catastrophic Leave Bank

Oct. 18 …………….TRUSD School Board Meeting. Open session starts at 7 pm


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