Dear TRUE Members,

It was great to see, at the TK-6 and Special Ed. Oct. 31st PD Day, all of the TRUE Shirts and black in support of our negotiations!

Negotiations Update:
Impasse was jointly filed on October 27, 2016 by the district and TRUE. We are currently waiting for a mediation date to be set. The Negotiations Team and Crisis Organizing Team are working together to get information out to members and what our actions will be during the impasse process. We are still having our TRUE Tuesdays! Be sure to wear your TRUE shirt or black each Tuesday!

TRUE Forums with TR School Board Members:
We had some TRUE members come out and participated in TRUE’s forums with TRUSD School Board Trustees. I attended the one at Foothill Ranch Middle School. In attendance were Twin Rivers Trustees Michelle Rivas, Bob Bastian, and Basim Elkarra. Safety, facilities, parent conferences, and class size were the main topics discussed. Out of this Board forum came a change at Foothill Ranch MS and 7th/8th grade teachers at K-8’s, in that they will continue to do parent conferences in November as they had in the past. District leadership had changed this practice so that 7th/8th grade teachers at Foothill Ranch and K-8’s could no longer participate in these days and would attend the secondary PD days. I appreciate district leadership listening to the concerns of the teachers on this topic and making a change.

We will continue to hold these forums and I strongly encourage you to attend. All three Trustees were attentive and Michelle Rivas took detailed notes. I believe these forums can have positive results and the one at Foothill Ranch did.

TRUE’s Survey on Back-to-School Rally:
Attached are the results with comments for TRUE’s survey about the Back-to-School Rally. I met with the Superintendent to review the full district Back to School Rally survey, and the themes and comments of the results of the district’s survey were pretty much identical to TRUE’s survey. The Superintendent received a copy of TRUE’s survey results.

The Superintendent shared there will be changes for next year’s rally and one of those changes is the district is leaning towards holding the rally back in the district area and not at Memorial Auditorium.

Personal Necessity Leave:
TRUE is currently in the process of negotiating an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the District to correct the areas that our contract language falls out of compliance with Board policy and labor law, when it comes to the reasons why members can take a personal necessity leave. This MOU is being done because Article 6 – Leaves, is not currently open for reopener negotiations and would not be able to be addressed until our entire contract is open. There is a need to correct this language in a timely manner as it is currently affecting our members in a negative way. We will keep you posted on any changes.

Salary Determination Letters:
During this process of notification, it was reported to TRUE that the district is not following contract language of Article 13.5 regarding when longevity is paid in addition to our salary. The longevity payment in contract language is not correctly stated on the salary schedules, and the District is paying longevity as per the salary schedules. We currently have a grievance filed and have a CTA referral to an attorney, regarding the district’s negligence to recognize contract language and pay our members the correct longevity based on contract language.

30 Minute Prep Time for TK-6 Teachers:
The district is informing site administrators that since this part of the contract is in negotiations and the settlement agreement stated it would be addressed in negotiations, that the district does not have to make up prep time missed due to non-student days, holidays, absent VAPA teachers and no subs to teach their classes, or PD days that fall within a student attendance week. Because of this, TRUE is currently filing chapter grievances on behalf of all TK-6 teachers in the district, as the current contract language states in Article “Elementary (TK-6) teachers will receive ninety (90) minutes of prep time per week beginning in the 2015-2016 school year”.

Some administrators are being supportive to their staff and are making up the missed prep time in creative ways, so I would still ask your admin if yours will be made up as we work through the grievance process.


Kristin Finney
TRUE President
TRUE Office: (916) 648-9791


November 8……….. TRUE Executive Board Meeting, 4 pm, at the TRUE office
November 11………. TRUE Office closed for Veteran’s Day
November 15……… TRUSD School Board Meeting, open session starts at 7 pm
November 29………. TRUE Site Rep Council Meeting, 4 pm at CTA Offices in Natomas
November 30………. If you are donating to Catastrophic Leave Bank, 1 day will be shown as deducted from you accrued sick-leave days.

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