Dear TRUE Members,

There is a lot of information in this email. We have been getting many questions since we have been in mediation and now fact finding. Some of this information has been sent before, but it is important you are well informed. Thank you for your patience in reading to the end.

Attached to this email you will find a PowerPoint with slides explaining the Impasse/Fact Finding Process. I do not have any specific information yet from our Negotiations Team regarding when a date has been set to meet with the Fact-Finding Panel. When we do have a date, we will inform you. The district put out a time line that goes into July. It could be shorter. We’d like to resolve things sooner than later so as to close out the year in a positive light as we prepare for the next year.

Work to Rule Q & A
We have had many questions regarding Work to Rule. You should have gotten an email from with a half sheet flier to pass out to parents. Please do NOT pass these out to students, please pass the half sheet flyer to parents before and after school.

  • What do I do if I have an IEP to attend after or before school?
    You let the RSP teacher or case-manager who is calling the meeting know you cannot attend after school and will be submitting a written report. If the written report is denied because parents are unwilling to accept it, then you ask for it to be rescheduled during the day. If it is not rescheduled and you are directed to attend by your administrator, you go and let TRUE know so we can grieve this.
  • Do I have to go to Open House?
    Yes, this is in our contract language.
  • Do I have to go to our school’s spring carnival, reading night, math night etc…?
    If you have fulfilled your 20 hours of adjunct duty time by working on a committee or attending other after school events that you are not paid for through a stipend, then no you do not have to attend any more after school events except Open House.
  • What if my administrator asks me to attend a meeting after or before school?
    You ask them to reschedule it during your prep time or during the 20 minute before school report time. If they direct you to attend, then you go and let TRUE know so we can grieve this.
    If you are on the Leadership Team, this is in our contract so you will need to continue to attend Leadership Meetings.
  • Do I have to attend graduation ceremonies after the school day?
    If you have fulfilled your 20 hours of adjunct duty time by working on a committee or attending other after school events you are not paid for through a stipend, then no you do not have to attend any more after school events except Open House.
  • Can I pass out fliers to parents before and after school?
    Yes. Please do not pass out fliers to students.
  • What if teachers at my site refuse to do work to rule with the rest of the staff?
    You cannot force your colleagues to participate. You might want to ask them why they are choosing not to participate and engage them in a conversation. Share that there are sites in our district that are not safe and have ineffective principals and we are fighting for safety language that protects our students and teachers. Share that they could get one of those principals any year. Share that the district would rather raise class sizes than lower them and we are trying to lower them. Share that we teach in one of the hardest districts, with the longest school day and longest school year and we deserve to be paid what that is worth. Share that the district does not want to keep the guaranteed 30-minute weekly prep time for TK-6 grade teachers or follow current contract language regarding longevity pay. Share that effort in work to rule by all staff could provide for a quicker resolution to negotiations.
  • Can Psychologists and Program Specialist participate in Work to Rule?
    Yes, they can and are but please remember they are required to work an 8-hour day per contract as opposed to teachers, nurses, counselors, speech and language pathologists and social workers. You may not see them joining you at the flag pole or out front to walk in due to their schedule. They can also flex their time to attend a late meeting.
  • Why is my Special Ed teacher, Nurse, Psychologist and Speech teacher attending meetings after school during work to rule?
    We have contract language that allows for case-mangers to schedule IEP’s during the day. Due to past practice, many are scheduled after school. We are working to change this. In the meantime, Special Ed teachers, Psychologists, Nurses, and Speech teachers legally have to attend IEP meetings. They cannot send in a written report.

We are encouraging IEP’s to be scheduled during the school day. Please consider that the IEP does not need to be completed during ONE meeting. At the start of the meeting you simply announce to the team that you have X number of minutes today and agree on the date/time when you will continue the meeting. If necessary (because of work to rule) you start the meeting one day and you continue it another day and another and another. If it takes four 15-20 minutes within the contracted workday so be it. We will do what we need to do to get our meetings done during our contracted workday.

If you are a case-manger and your administrator is refusing to allow you to schedule an IEP during the school day, then let TRUE know and we will grieve it.
• Do I have to attend SST meetings?
No. You can provide a written report or ask that it be rescheduled during the school day or the 20 minutes prior to school.
• Can I use apps on my personal phone that I use to communicate with my parents/families to let them know why I am changing some of my plans such as homework due to work to rule?
If you have collected these numbers and contact information on your own and not through district resources such as emergency cards or Aeries, then yes you can.
• Can I wear my TRUE button during the school day?
Yes, you can since it is about contract negotiations and not political messages. We have buttons at the TRUE Office.

Negotiation Proposals:
Attached to this email is the proposals we have sent previously to TRUE Members. Please note that the proposed salary from TRUSD includes rolling in longevity, which we already receive, but makes the district’s proposal look good. This is why some of the steps and columns reflect a substantial increase from the current salary schedule in the district’s proposal. Also, the salary schedules that the district puts out in their communications do not include benefits or all surrounding districts. They pick and choose what districts to put on their communications. When you look at the benefits/salary combined, we are not ranked the highest, far from it.

TRUSD School Board Communication:
Attached to this email you will find a communication I sent to all TRUSD School Board Members regarding Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services Bill McGuire’s Comparative Analysis of District, Amount per Student, Average Class Size, and Teacher Salary Report he presented to the board at the April 4th School Board Meeting. I attempted to address this at the school board meeting, but my 4 minutes didn’t quite cut it with the amount of information that was left out of Mr. McGuire’s report or misreported.

We stand stronger together! Work to Rule will not be easy and sacrifices will need to be made. It is time to take a stand. United we stand, divided we fall!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

2017 0404 Board Presentation Email from Kristin
Impasse – Fact Finding
Salary Benefits Comparison April 2017
TRUE-TRUSD Negotations comparison


Kristin Finney
TRUE President
TRUE Office: (916) 648-9791

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