Dear TRUE Members,

Tuesday, April 4th – tomorrow!

Below is an organizing/negotiations message from one of our TRUE members Patty Reetz.  Patty was a former negotiator on the Rio Linda Education Association bargaining team:

Tuesday, April 4th is a very important day. It is the day that will show the district that TRUE is a force to be reckoned with, or it will show the district that they have nothing to fear from us.

I was on the negotiating team for RLEA for 15 years. In that time we went to mediation and fact finding a number of times. Every time we went to mediation, the mediator would ask us how much support we were receiving from our members. When we were able to show the mediator that we were getting about 80% of our members to participate in job actions such as showing up to board meetings and doing informational picketing he would be able to push on the district a lot harder. With the mediator’s help, we would be able to settle much more quickly and more successfully.

Answering the call of our union to participate on Tuesday evening needs to be a top priority for each one of us. We all have other things that we would rather be doing. Please figure out a way to be there.

Your presence will make a powerful statement to the district, but your absence will make an even more powerful statement.


I appreciate Patty’s history and experience on this.  I was a part of some of those years and it was quite the feeling seeing teachers out supporting negotiations and how our actions got results.


Do you work a 6 hour day?

A board member commented to one of our members that, “Teachers need to work a full day because when I drive by a school at 3:00 and the parking lot is empty, must be nice to go home early and only work for 6 hours a day.”  So we asked the TRUE Facebook World to post pictures of what they do when they are not on campus.  The response was great.  These responses will all be given to the school board to show how TR teachers go above and beyond and that we deserve fair compensation and fair contract language to support safety in our schools.  Feel free to pass along pictures of you working when your car is not in the parking lot of your school to

Work to Rule – April 17th to end of contract negotiations:

TRUE is receiving Work to Rule plans from sites.  Thank you if you have sent yours in via email.  Some questions that have come up in this process are:

  • How do we communicate with our families about work to rule?  You can verbal let them know or pass out a note when you are not on duty and on the sidewalk of your school.  If you have collected emails or phone numbers of your familes on your own and not through the district, you can communicate this way.  A conversation is the best way though!
  • If we are a general education teachers, do we have to attend IEP’s after the school day?  Special Ed teachers have a contractual right to hold IEP’s during the school day and get a substitute to cover classes (Article: 4.4).  If that is not happening during work to rule, you can submit a written report if the family of the student agrees.
  • Do we have to attend SST’s?  No, you can also provide a written report.
  • If we are getting a stipend for after school work, do we need to continue?  Yes, you need to continue your stipend work.  If you are tutoring and being paid per an hourly basis and not paid with a stipend, you can stop tutoring.

If your site hasn’t met or created a plan yet, here is information that was sent out last week regarding how to go about doing this:

I hope that your Site Representative has reached out to you in regards to holding a meeting this week to create a Work to Rule plan for your site.  We are moving to Work To Rule after Spring Break, if there is no tentative agreement reached by April 5th.  The Negotiations Team meets again on April 4th with a possible extension to April 5th.  If no agreement is reached, then we move onto the Fact Finding process.


Work to Rule:  Each site will decide on their own, what Work to Rule will look like at their site and share that plan with TRUE.  Here are some ways your fellow colleagues will be working to rule after Spring Break:

  • Arriving at school at their 20 minute before school report time, no earlier, and walking onto campus together
  • Leaving after student dismissal and not staying on campus beyond the school day unless they are being compensated for a service to students or colleagues
  • Parking their cars on the street and not in the parking lot, with a sign in their car so parents and the community take notice of the empty parking lot
  • Not working  at all during their 30 minute lunch:  this includes making copies, talking to the Principal about an issue or student, making phone calls, checking work email.  Actually take a duty free lunch!
  • Not continuing to tutor students for free or holding a club before or after school
  • If teachers have already gone beyond their 20 hours of adjunct duties, they are ending their committee work. (Adjunct duties include:  working on any type of committees or team outside of the school’s Leadership Team,  Ex: science, math, art or reading, parent nights, awards committees, attending sports events, dances, etc.). 

I know you are all very dedicated educators that worry how Work to Rule might affect students, but you need to understand that it is vital to make the district and parents realize and appreciate that educators work many long hours beyond their Contract for the benefit of their students. Half of our battle is lost if the District does not respect us and our profession.

If your Site Rep has not called a meeting to discuss Work to Rule, please ask them to do so.


Comparison Charts-Salary and Benefits:

Attached are comparison charts (for Schedule 1) on how Twin Rivers compares to surrounding districts.  You will see where TR’s salary stands currently to surrounding districts, the district last proposal, and TRUE’s last proposal.  You will also see how we compare when we combine salary and benefits together.  What is NOT included in these salary schedules is how many minutes more we work and how many more days we work than these surrounding districts.  You will see we are not the highest paid teachers in the area as the district claims.



Together we are stronger!

Kristin Finney – TRUE President

TRUE Office: (916) 648-9791

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