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Many of you have been asking, “What is the best thing to say to our parents and families?”  Below are some suggested points drafted by our CTA Staff.  I would also mention safety as a concern and we are asking for rights and processes to address unsafe working and learning conditions for our students to be included into our Contract.

Regarding speaking with students about Work to Rule and negotiations, I would tell them to ask their parents if they are asking you; as our guidance was: teachers are cautioned in talking with students about work to rule.

Talking Points:

The District is making educators choose between their families and their students. Here’s why we’re considering Work-to-Rule:

Students are the center of everything we do. This district is offering me a terrible choice.

As an educator I am deeply committed to the success of every one of my students.

a) Students deserve the opportunities and resources to succeed.  The time to learn, the support and tools to achieve.

b)We provide extra time, resources, and support for which we are not paid.  For example, we tutor or prepare for lessons during our lunch time instead of eating; we come to work earlier than we are required to; we do things after school that we are not recognized for doing. All these things take away from my family.

c) This bargain is about attracting and retaining the best educators for our students. It’s also about providing educators the support and resources they need to teach our students and to care for our families.

What is work-to-rule? How did we get here?

a) Since the district is forcing us to choose between our families and our students, we will choose to spend time with our families.  That means we will not be arriving to school earlier than we are required to.  We will work only our contracted hours. We are abiding by the rules we agreed to. That is work-to-rule.

b) This district’s abject refusal to bargain in good faith forced negotiations into fact-finding, the final step in the negotiations process.

c) Because the district does not value what we do and the time working for free – effectively subsidizing this district.

d) This district has made school administrators a top priority, not classroom teachers and other educators working everyday with students.  The teachers and other educators are prioritizing good learning and working conditions in this round of contract negotiations.

Standing up for students and educators

a) How much time are you willing to work for free? Does your employer respect and appreciate what you do? This district does not. Tell this district and School Board members to respect educators and settle a fair contract with them.

b) Join educators as we stand up for reasonable class sizes so our students can get more one-on-one attention, and learn to be the best they can be.

c) Tell the School Board to do what they signed up to do – to make resources available to attract quality educators for our students. We’ve done our homework.  If the district could not afford our offer, we wouldn’t have made it.


A great idea is to have educators put their “office hours” on the door to alert students of hours they will work during work-to-rule.


Standing strong together!  We got this!


In solidarity,


Kristin Finney
TRUE President
TRUE Office: (916) 648-9791


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