Dear TRUE Members,

The certificated bargaining unit for the Twin Rivers School District, Twin Rivers United Educators (TRUE), has been involved in a difficult and at times contentious contract negotiations for more than a year. After several meetings, with a mediator failed, we are scheduled for Fact Finding on May 22, 2017.

In a last ditch attempt to gain an agreement, both sides met Monday, May 8, 2017, for a “Pre-fact finding settlement conference.” Both parties agreed that everything discussed and covered at the meeting would be confidential.

Tuesday morning, the Twin Rivers administration shared with their Principals, details of the Monday conference and what they “offered” the teachers. This clearly was a breach of the confidentiality agreement and shows the lack of respect TRUSD holds for the process of negotiations and inability of the district to honor their word.

The District again is failing to reach an agreement in good faith. The District is providing misleading information to justify the District’s misplaced priorities, in an attempt to deceive our members and the public.

While TRUE has maintained the confidentiality of the Monday conference, we understand your desire to know what was discussed. TRUE leadership wishes to maintain the integrity of our association, and is not ready to compromise our values and allow the District to try to manipulate our members as they have clearly manipulated their Principals.

We are legally at impasse over 2016-2017 reopeners only, yet the District’s concept for settlement was for two years. It was regressive with many strings attached that are not good for teachers or students.

We continue to work to improve our working conditions and the learning conditions for our students. On behalf of the TRUE Negotiations Team and the TRUE Organizing Team I want to thank you for your continued support, patience, and faith as we battle for safe working environments, smaller class sizes, and salaries that attract and retain the best teachers our students deserve. Again, it is all the more important that you and parents show up at the May 16th School Board meeting. Thank you!

Stronger Together!

Janet Edwards
TRUE Lead Negotiator

TRUE Office: (916) 648-9791

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