Dear TRUE Members,

Tuesday afternoon, TRUE held a General Membership Meeting.  Attached to this email is additional negotiations information that was passed out to members during this meeting.

Also on Tuesday, we had 8 parents, 5 teachers and 3 students speak at the School Board meeting that evening in support of educators.  It was refreshing to hear their passionate stories of support for the educators of Twin Rivers!

Negotiations Update:

TRUE received an email from district leadership yesterday asking to return to the table.  We take this as a good sign.  This meeting will be held next week and we will update you when we have information to share.

Save the Date!  May 16th School Board Meeting!  We are doing a big push on this night to get parents to come and speak to the board.

Aeries Student Discipline and Intervention Screen:

Student Services checked with Information Technology (IT) and they confirmed teachers have access to student discipline and intervention information. Click on the Text Box below to view a video that describes how teachers can access student discipline information. IT sent this video to TRUE.   You will need to put in your district email and password to view video and may need to copy and past the link into your browser depending upon the device you use to open the link.  IT requests that teachers who are having issues accessing the information on student discipline or interventions, to contact the IT Help Desk, so that they can troubleshoot any issue you may have.

Work to Rule/Summer PD:

We are all so proud of the Twin Rivers TRU Tech Team for sending a letter to the district with their withdrawal of presenting technology PD this summer.  Please see the attached letter.  We are all making the difficult decision to withdraw from Summer PD and Summer School, in hopes that our sacrifice sends a clear message to the district, and that our actions now will prevent a strike in the fall.

Election for TRUE Executive Board Officers and Director-At-Large:

Please check your email for the voting link for this election which was sent out Tuesday, May 2nd.  I you prefer to vote by paper ballot instead of electronically, a few paper ballots will be delivered to you site this week; they are also available at the TRUE office.  You are responsible for getting that paper ballot back to the TRUE Office. DO NOT PUT YOUR PAPER BALLOT IN DISTRICT MAIL; they do not deliver to TRUE, so we will never get it.  Please drop the paper ballot by the TRUE Office or put in US Postal Mail.  The paper ballot needs to be at the TRUE Office by 4:30 pm on May 15th at the latest.

If you did not get the TRUE email with the link to vote in this election, please email the TRUE office as soon as possible ( letting us know.

Many people have asked why I am not running.  I feel it is important to share that due to family and health issues, I made the difficult decision to take a step back right now.  Thank you to everyone who shared their gratitude with me over the years. It was always the members that kept me going, and knowing the work that was being done was to make our association stronger.  I think we have accomplished this goal and still have more growing to do.  I say we because I didn’t do this work alone.  I am not leaving union work as I believe all members should be active in TRUE, on some level, which makes our association stronger.

Stronger Together!

Kristin Finney
TRUE President
TRUE Office: (916) 648-9791

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