• What is the difference between a Member and Agency Fee Payer (Non-Member)?
    Every Employee of the Twin Rivers Certificated Bargaining Unit pays dues/fees, whether a Member or Agency Fee Payer.

Members You MUST complete and return a signed Membership Form to TRUE, to become a TRUE/CTA/NEA Member. Members are entitled to vote and hold office for local association roles; are covered under the $1,000,000 Educators Employment Liability coverage; have access to legal representation and are eligible for CTA-sponsored insurance programs and many more valuable membership benefits. For more benefit info, please check out the Member Benefits Page.

Agency Fee Payers If you do not fill out a membership form, you automatically become a fee payer. If you choose to be a fee payer, you would be entitled to receive a rebate for the portion of your fees not used for collective bargaining and employment matters. To receive that rebate, you are required to fill out the paperwork by the deadline, sent with the Hudson Notice, from CTA. Agency Fee Payers may only vote on and receive support on contractual issues.


  • Where can I find the contract?
    The Contract (current & past) can be found here. You can download the PDF copy.



  • How can I make suggestions for changes in our contract?
    A bargaining survey comes out once a year. Email us what article you would like to see changed or amended. You can also add other items of concern that you want to see addressed. As far as other suggestions, feel free to contact your TRUE Negotiating team at true.office@yahoo.com


  • How can I get more involved in TRUE?
    We’re glad you asked! Start off by becoming a Site Rep or volunteer on a committee. We offer training at the beginning of the year for new Reps. It’s not hard and if there is another person who will share position, there won’t be a huge time commitment. Read the TRUE By-laws and Standing-Rules for responsibilities.


  • Thinking about Retirement?
    I am retiring/would like retirement info. How do I make a STRS appointment?
    To set up a retirement counseling appointment or to contact CalSTRS member services, call 1-800-228-5453 or contact the CalSTRS website. Also, consider joining CTA Retired Teachers.


  • Where do I get information for disability and life insurance?
    Visit The Standard’s website at www.standard.com or call (800) 522-0406, 7:00am to 6:00pm Pacific Time, Monday–Friday.



  • Can I get entertainment discounts as a member?
    Yes, you can get travel and entertainment discounts through TSA. For information, call (800) 537-8491 or visit www.tsaspecialservices.com.


  • Can I transfer sick leave from one district to another?
    Yes, you may transfer sick leave (Ed Code 44979, 8772)


  • When and how do I file a grievance?
    If you believe your contractual rights have been violated, please contact our Grievance Team  and we will advise you of what to do.


  • If I am called to a meeting with one or more district officials what should I know before I go?
    Remember, your private life is your own. Read your Weingarten Rights. You can expect to be treated in a professional manner. If you are called to a meeting with one or more district officials, you are entitled to know what the meeting is about, know approximately how long it will last, and to have a representative accompany you to the meeting.


  • How can I update my Name, Address, Phone, and/or Email?
    You can send an email or leave a comment on any page with the updated information, and TRUE will update the TRUE/CTA Database. You can change your information with the District by visiting their HR Page.

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